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Are you ready to join us?

Delta Sonic is one of the nation’s largest providers of professional car care services with nearly thirty locations that span three different states in the Great Lake region. However, we know that we are only the BEST because we have the BEST employees in the industry.

We provide our employees with high-caliber, hands-on training, scholarship programs, advancement opportunities, and all the resources you need to be an awesome employee. All you need to bring with you is a great attitude and the DRIVE to succeed!

Delta Sonic has positions available to suite many abilities and interests. We train those ready for management and are always looking for new members for our 29 locations. In addition, there are opportunities to be part of our Corporate Office in Buffalo, New York or part of our Support Team which may serve Western and Central New York, Chicago or Erie Pennsylvania. Click an area of interest below to read job descriptions and find out how to apply.

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All you need is drive!

No matter where the road leads you at Delta Sonic, we’ll be there to meet you with high-caliber, professional, hands-on training programs to help you meet your full potential. We aren’t interested in just creating awesome employees; we want to help develop awesome PEOPLE, as well! Here are just a few of the programs we have in place.

Each district is serviced by its own centralized training department, referred to as Kiss University. Our professional teams of Corporate Trainers organize weekly orientations and subsequent training for all new hires. If you are promoted to a Wash Advisor, C-Store Advisor, or Top Gun, you will return to Kiss University for an additional 30 hours of combined classroom and hands-on sales training.

Automotive International training for the Detail Shop

Delta Sonic is the ONLY detail shop nationwide with its own Automotive International certified trainer on staff. Our Paint Specialists undergo 100 hours of combined classroom and hands-on training and are paid competitive rates for their highly-specialized skill set.


AOCA Certification at the Oil Change

Each of our Oil Change Techs are AOCA certified. This nationally recognized distinction indicates that each certified technician has undergone a rigorous hands-on training process and has passed a 100-question test administered the AOCA Technician’s Academy of Dallas.


Servsafe Food Safety

One of Delta Sonic’s fastest-growing departments is food service. Many locations now offer Dunkin Donuts, Tim Horton’s, Subway, and The Brick Oven Deli. All food service and convenience store managers routinely attend ServSafe, a nationally-recognized training program that educates food service employees on proper safety protocols and food handling procedures.


Management Training

Each of our managers receives up to six months of on-location training. They learn about customer service, safety, first aid, training and coaching, leadership principles, and hiring practices from seasoned professionals with years of field experience. We are in the process of further enhancing this program to ensure that our managers are the best in the industry!

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General Job Requirements

You must be 16 to work at Delta Sonic in any state. If you want to work in New York or Pennsylvania and are under 18 years old, you must also be able to provide valid working papers (obtainable from your school).

Delta Sonic is a drug-free workplace. In order to be eligible for employment, you must first pass a drug test and background check. You must also be willing to submit to random drug tests during your tenure with the company.

How do I apply?

The easiest way to apply is to fill out an application online here. You can also apply by going to any of our locations and asking a cashier for assistance. Set aside about 45 minutes to fully complete the application. Delta Sonic will contact you if a position becomes available that suits your availability and skill set.

What do I need to know before attending orientation?

Delta Sonic has invested a lot of  time and money in order to research the best way to perform each of our job functions. In order to be offered a job at Delta Sonic, you must be able to pass a process we call “Kiss University”. During a hands-on training period that lasts approximately 8 hours, you will be taught the proper “Delta Sonic Way” of doing things by a certified Corporate Trainer. If, at the end of this process, you are able to properly perform our procedures with speed, quality, and a great attitude, you will officially be offered a job at Delta Sonic and scheduled for your first shift at your location.

What if I don't have any work experience?

Here at Delta Sonic, we WANT you to work with people that you know outside of work. This creates a fun, intimate atmosphere that results in happy employees. If you know of someone who would be a great fit for our company, encourage them to apply and ask them to include your name in the “Referred By” section of their application. No prior experience is necessary for any of our positions. As long as you are willing to learn and have a great attitude, we will provide all the training you require in order to provide fantastic customer service!

Can I get a reference if I used to work here?

We make every effort to provide work references in a timely manner. Please contact our HR department directly for assistance. It is our company policy to only release your job title and dates of employment to other employers/agencies.

Better Business Bureau International Carwash Association Automotive Oil Change Association National Association of Convenience Stores