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Interior Cleaning Services

Your car's interior can be easy to maintain with the help of Delta Sonic! Try our newly improved Super Interior, which steams and sanitizes your vehicle for extra safety and piece of mind. Or try an Express Detail which comes complete with a steam cleaning, shampoo, leather and vinyl cleaned and protected plus a 90-Day Hand Wax, all done in a time to fit into your busy schedule!

Delta Sonic Detail Shop employee performing Super Interior with Steam service.

Super Interior
Steamed & Sanitized

  • Carpets Vacuumed
  • Glass polished with steam
  • Cup holders, door jambs, door frames and panels cleaned with steam


express detail
includes Super Interior with Steam Package +

  • Leather & Vinyl Cleaned & Protected
  • Carpets, Mats & Seats Shampooed
  • 90-Day Hand Wax (Car must be washed)



unlimited members


*Additional time may be required after the belt. Full sized SUVs, Vans, Minivans, etc. add $5 for Super and $10 for Express Detail. Plus tax where applicable.

Express Services

Get the specific cleaning your vehicle needs within your busy schedule with Delta Sonic's Express Services! Our specialized Express Services give your vehicle the detailed cleaning it needs while you wait! Choose from Hand Wax, Carpet Shampoo, Vinyl Protectant or Leather Conditioner.

Photo of Delta Sonic employee using an orbital polisher for a hand wax

hand wax
Provides 90 day protection
Must be used with a car wash. Add 6-month polymer sealant for $15.

vinyl protectant
Penetrates the surface to clean, shine and restore
Must be used with an Interior Cleaning

Unlimited member price

$29.99 each

Carpet shampoo
2 step process that removes most stains
Must be used with an Interior Cleaning. Add $20 for seats

leather conditioner
Preserves the strength and beauty of leather
Must be used with an Interior Cleaning.

retail price

$39.99 each

No appointments recommended. First come first served. Plus tax where applicable. Full-size SUVs, Vans, Minivans, etc. add $5 and 10 minutes.

Full Detail Services

Give your vehicle the attention and cleaning it deserves with one of our Full Detail Services! Whether you're looking for an Exterior or Interior Detail or a more complete service like our Professional, Showroom or Ultimate Detail Packages, we have the right service to meet your needs.

Photo of Delta Sonic employee using an orbital polisher for a hand wax

Exterior detail

  • Touch-Less Car Wash
  • Tar and grease removal
  • Steam clean door jambs and lubricate locks
    and hinges
  • Treat and steam clean rims, wheel wells, moldings
  • Clean crevices of body and emblems
  • Apply premium wax
  • Dress exterior moldings, bumpers and tires
  • Protect wheel wells with Factory Black Undercoat
  • Complete vacuuming of interior and trunk
  • Clean and shampoo rubber and carpeted floor mats
  • Clean and polish glass inside and out



unlimited members


interior detail

  • Touch-Less Car Wash
  • Steam clean door jambs and lubricate locks
    and hinges
  • Blow out all vents, crevices and dashboard gauges
  • Vinyl, plastic and rubber deep cleaned and protected
  • Shampoo seats and carpets
  • Clean and shampoo rubber and carpeted floor mats
  • Leather deep cleaned and conditioned
  • Complete vacuuming of interior and trunk
  • Shampoo and detail trunk including jambs
  • Clean and polish glass inside and out



unlimited members


Professional detail

Includes all the services in the Exterior and Interior Details.



unlimited members


showroom detail

  • Includes all the services of the Professional Detail plus:
  • Vehicle prepped with decontamination process
  • Treat and protect all fabric with Delta Sonic's fabric protectant
  • Aquapel window treatment repels rain, snow and sleet from windshield while improving visibility. Front windshield only.



unlimited members


ultimate detail

  • Includes all the services of the Showroom Detail plus:
  • Valugard's Warranty Fabric Protection which provides long wearing protection against stains from foods, beverages and common soil*
  • Valugard's Warranty Leather and Vinyl Protection which provides permanent clear coating for all leather and vinyl surfaces*
  • Valugard's Warranty Paint Sealant Protection with high-tech polymers that protect against fading, oxidation and loss of gloss. Includes one FREE rejuvenation.
  • Odor elimination
  • Engine steam cleaned and detailed
    (requires signed approval)

*Valugard services are backed by a 3 year warranty for vehicles that qualify.



unlimited members



Corrosion can result in perforations in the body of your vehicle and greatly reduce the re-sale value of your car. Protect your investment with Delta Sonic's guaranteed Rustproofing! No holes are drilled in this specialized application.

Delta Sonic employee applying Rustproofing

trunk area

  • Over wheel housing by quarter panel
  • Lower quarter panel below floor line
  • Rear body panel by taillights, if metal
  • Outer perimeter of deck lid, boxed in areas
  • Rear quarter panel


Vehicle underside

  • Wheel wells and fender lips
  • Body floor supports and undercarriage including:
  • Gas tank and support straps
  • Brake lines along body or frame
  • All exposed sheet metal
  • Gravel shields – front and rear



middle of vehicle

  • Doors
  • Rocker panel
  • Rear dog legs, in front of rear wheel well
  • Lower back of front fender (front dog leg, heel)


engine compartment area

  • Front fenders - access from door hinge area and engine compartment
  • Fender beads
  • Battery support tower
  • Inner fender aprons
  • Behind headlights
  • Upper frame rails
  • Hood, front and read boxed areas, front, side and rear seams

lifetime warranty

for qualifying vehicles 1 year or newer

3-year warranty

for qualifying vehicles 1 year or older

Additional Detail Services

In addition to our Interior Cleanings, Express Detail and Full Detail services, we offer many additional add-on and individual Detail services to meet all of your needs! Just speak with our knowledgeable Detail Shop staff to find the right service for you!

Delta Sonic Detail Shop employee with orbital polisher performing Sonic Resurface scratch repair and paint renewal.

Headlight Resurface - $39.99
Removes hazy and foggy damage.

Headlight Restoration - $79.99
Safely restore clarity to cloudy, oxidized, yellowed and lightly scratched headlights.

Wheel/Rim Cleaning, Polishing & Waxing - $79.99

Windshield Chip Repair - $49.99
$10 for each additional chip, up to 3 total.

Delta Sonic Fabric Protection - $39.99

Trunk Detail - $59.99
Remove spare tire, clean and dress all accessories including jambs. Shampoo carpet and dress all vinyl.

Pureteq Odor Elimination, Disinfection & Protection - $99.99
Removes odors caused by germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and organic matter that live in the vehicle's interior and air conditioning vents. Replacement of cabin air filter recommended. Prices vary.

Engine Detail - $99.99
A complete under-the-hood cleaning and degreasing. A thorough detailing will protect plastic surfaces, belts and hoses. Requires signed approval.

Paint Reconditioning - $90/hour
Buffing with compound that corrects oxidation, dullness, light scratches and other forms of environmental damage.

Tree Sap, Paint Overspray, Heavy Brake Dust & Lime Removal - $90/hour

Extraction Charge on Heavily Soiled Vehicles - $90/hour

Hand Wash Cars - $45

Hand Wash Trucks, SUVs, Vans etc. - $55

Hand Wash Specialty Vehicles
(buses, limos, etc.)
- $85

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