Oil Change & Maintenance Services

Keep your car running like a champ

We’ve all made the mistake of putting things off. Missing an oil change. Postponing routine maintenance. Only to pay more in the end—in time and money. Delta Sonic’s highly trained Oil Change and Maintenance Technicians give your car the care it needs to run safely and efficiently.

Get Super Savings on Oil Changes!

Change for the better

Regular oil changes are the key to a safe, smooth-running engine. At Delta Sonic, our certified Oil Change Technicians have completed 120+ hours of hands-on training and passed a rigorous exam given by the Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA).

  • Oil Change Services
    • Oil filters for select vehicles may be charged extra
    • Oil change customers get 1 free top-off in-between paid oil changes
    • Top-off fluids: transmission, power steering, antifreeze, washer fluid & 1 quart of oil
    • Additional charge for top-off of synthetic & specialty fluids
    • Additional charge for top-off of more than 1 quart of oil
    • Top-offs for non-oil-change customers start at $24.99 + tax where applicable
    • Unit visually checked for leaks; not opened at plug access

First come, first served. No appointment necessary. All oil changes include up to 5 quarts of oil & a new oil filter.

  • Provides proper engine lubrication 
  • Protects from high heat
High Mileage
  • Semi-synthetic oil formulated for vehicles over 75,000 miles
  • Delta Sonic’s premium oil for the best possible protection
  • Choose from: 5W20, 5W30, 5W40, 0W16, 0W20
General Motors Dexos 1 & 2
  • Full-synthetic oil required for all 2011 or newer GM vehicles
Mobil 1 & Mobil 1 Super Car
  • Premium, full-synthetic oil
  • Offers the best performance & protection
Pennzoil Platinum & Euro
  • Full-synthetic oil specially formulated for European vehicles

Unlimited Super Kiss Plus members SAVE $25 on Oil Changes!

Discount only applies to vehicles with the active unlimited Super Kiss Plus membership; Not valid with other discounts

We love to go above and beyond

Delta Sonic provides a courtesy maintenance check with every oil change.*

  • Lubricating the chassis
  • Transfer case: visually inspect
  • Front & rear differential: visually inspect
  • Inspecting & filling fluids: transmission, power steering, antifreeze & windshield washer
  • Inspecting lights, wiper blades, air filter, cabin air filter, battery & serpentine belt
  • Inflating tires to proper pressure
  • Resetting the oil life monitor

*Some services may not apply to your vehicle

We make maintenance easy for you

Small things can feel like a big deal to take care of, but at Delta Sonic we make sure your car is carefully maintained, so it doesn’t become a big deal in the future.

  • Maintenance Services
    • First come, first served. No appointment necessary.
    • Prices start at base price listed, but additional charges may apply
    • Based on average-sized vehicles in average condition
    • + tax where applicable

Wiper Blade Replacement


Winter wiper blades improve quality, safety & ease of driving; Periodic replacement improves visibility & function

Radiator Fluid Exchange


Replace w/new fluid; Protects to -34º—maintains proper engine temperature

Air Conditioning Evacuation & Recharge


Provides interior cooling efficiency

Differential Service


Drain & refill transfer case, final drive or differential(s); Extends life of the unit and provides smoother operation

Power Steering Service


Replace w/new fluid; Maintains smooth steering

Ultimate Engine Package


4 products clean fuel system & engine components; Helps improves engine & fuel performance

Tire Rotation


Maintains even wear; Prolongs tire life

Head, Tail & Marker Light Replacement


Improves function & safety

Serpentine Belt Replacement


Powers air conditioner compressor, water pump, alternator, power steering pump & pollution control pump; Replacing damaged belt is critical to function of vehicle

Fuel Induction Service


Cleans carbon deposits from the main components of the fuel system, such as the valves , fuel injectors and the throttle body

Air Filter Replacement


Prevents dust, dirt & other particles from entering engine; Helps prevent engine disruption

Cabin Air Filter Replacement


Provides better interior air quality; Helps protect against pollen, road dust, soot & unpleasant odors

Transmission Service


Replace w/new fluid; Extends life of the unit and provides smoother operation

Brake Fluid Service


Replace w/new fluid to help remove moisture buildup absorbed through the seals that can cause corrosion in the brake system; Recommended per manufacturer’s specifications. Available at select locations.

Please call your preferred location to schedule an appointment

  • Mechanical Repairs
    • Prices vary
    • Available at select locations
    • Appointment required
  • Brakes
  • Tune-Ups
  • Suspensions
  • Emissions
  • Wheel & Tire Services
    • Prices vary
    • Available at select locations
    • Appointment required
  • Purchase
  • Installation
  • Mounting
  • Balancing
  • Repairs
  • Alignment Services
    • Prices vary
    • Available at select locations
    • Appointment required

Oil Change & Maintenance Locations

6 reasons to maintain your vehicle

  1. Safety—A well-maintained vehicle can prevent breakdowns & accidents
  2. Weather—Be prepared for any weather with safe, effective tires & wipers
  3. Travel—Long trips take a toll on cars, so be sure to service your car before & after
  4. Heat—Engine & cooling systems can become overtaxed in the heat
  5. Mileage—The more wear & tear, the more maintenance is needed
  6. Longevity—Regular maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle

Hit the road with safe wheels

Hit the road with safe wheels

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Chips in your windshield?

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Looking for a great career?

Looking for a great career?

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We did the oil change and tire rotation. They were great. We timed it right and got right in. The crew is fantastic. Very friendly and helpful. Didn’t have to get out of our vehicle for the oil change. They talked to us the whole time and explained everything to us…. Definitely our go-to for oil changes.

Lance B.

Delta Sonic Customer at 3100 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst NY

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