Detail Services

We take care of the details. So you can enjoy the ride

Caring for your car—inside and out—is the best way to make the most of your investment and keep your car looking great and operating well for years to come. With Delta Sonic’s Detail Services, your car gets top-notch attention from our trained technicians.

Unlimited Members SAVE 10% on Detail Services!

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Super Interior Steamed & Sanitized

When you need a quick, but thorough, clean to maintain your vehicle, just stop in! No appointment necessary—our Detail Shops hold a First Come, First Served policy.

  • $36.99
    • + tax where applicable
    • Full/Oversized Vehicles (Vans, Trucks SUVs)—add $5
    • Unlimited Members SAVE $10

Service Includes:

  • Steam clean door jambs, frames & panels
  • Vacuum carpets & seats
  • Steam clean & polish glass inside
  • Apply Sonic High-Tech hand wax
    • Must be used w/purchase of a Delta Sonic Car Wash  during the same visit
    • Car wash not included in price

Unlimited Interior Cleanings

For a super-clean car—every day.

Individual Express Services

When you need a bit more for your interior. 20 – 30 minutes per service with no appointment necessary! Price per service varies based on: average-sized vehicles in average condition, applicable tax, and additional applicable charges.



Windshield rain repellant

Shampoo Carpets & Floor Mats


This 2-step process removes most stains; Must be used w/purchase of Super Interior Cleaning

Shampoo Seats


This 2-step process removes most stains; Must be used w/purchase of Super Interior Cleaning

Vinyl Protectant


Must be used w/purchase of Super Interior Cleaning

Leather Conditioner


Must be used w/purchase of Super Interior Cleaning

Ceramic Hand Sealant


Provides 90-day protection; Must be used w/purchase of a Delta Sonic Car Wash during the same visit

Clay Decontaminant


Decontaminate the surface and add up to 6 months of protection; Must be used w/purchase of Ceramic Hand Sealant

BUNDLE & SAVE—Full Express Detail

When you need more than a wash but have limited time, just stop in—no appointment necessary! Includes everything in our Super Interior PLUS:

Shampoo Carpets & Floor Mats
Shampoo Seats
Deep Clean & Protect Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber
Deep Clean & Protect Leather

  • $159.99
    • + tax where applicable
    • Oversized vehicles—add $15
    • Unlimited Members SAVE 10%


  • Full Detail Packages
    • Appointment required, book online or call to schedule
    • These services take up to 6 hours to complete

When you want the very best detail package to fit all your car’s needs, please book an appointment online or call to schedule. Takes up to 6 hours to complete.

Standard Price
Unlimited Member PriceSave 10%

Rustproofing Services

When you want to protect your car from rust and corrosion, please call to schedule. No reapplication needed. No annual inspection required.

Service Includes:

  • Trunk
    • Over wheel housing by quarter panel
    • Lower quarter panel below floor line
    • Rear body panel by taillights if metal
    • Outer perimeter of deck lid, boxed-in areas
    • Rear quarter panel
  • Underside
    • Wheel wells & fender lips

    • Body floor supports & undercarriage:

    • Gas tank & support straps

    • Brake lines along body or frame

    • All exposed sheet metal

    • Gravel shields, front & rear


  • Middle
    • Doors
    • Rocker panel
    • Rear dog legs, in front of rear wheel well
    • Lower back of front fender
  • Engine Area
    • Front fenders
    • Fender beads
    • Battery support tower
    • Inner fender aprons
    • Behind headlights
    • Upper frame rails
    • Hood, front & rear boxed areas
    • Front, side & rear seams


Lifetime Warranty


Qualifying Vehicles Only: 1 year or newer. Lifetime Warranty can be transferred to a new owner of the same vehicle. Appointment Required.

8-Year Warranty


Qualifying Vehicles Only: Vehicle can’t be older than 3 years. Non-transferrable. Appointment Required.

*plus tax where applicable. No extra charge for full/oversized vehicles. Commercial vehicles not eligible for warranties.

Additional Detail Services

We offer many additional specialized services at all Delta Sonic Detail Shops. Price per service varies based on: average-sized vehicles in average condition, applicable tax, and additional applicable charges. Appointment may be required.

Resurface Headlights


Removes hazy & foggy damage on both headlights

Restore Headlights


Safely restores clarity to cloudy, oxidized, yellowed & lightly scratched headlights

Repair Windshield Chip


Please check your insurance coverage to see if you qualify for FREE windshield chip repair; + $10 for each additional chip, up to 3 chips total

Clean, Polish & Wax Wheel Rims


Removes dirt & buildup, protects & shines

Eliminate Odor, Disinfect & Protect w/Pureteq


Removes odors caused by germs, bacteria, mold, mildew & organic matter that live in interior & air-conditioning vents; Replacement of cabin air filter recommended; Price may vary based on condition/size of vehicle

Delta Sonic Fabric Protection


Helps protect against food, beverage & common soil stains

ValuGard Fabric Protection


Long-lasting protection against stains from food, beverages & common soil; 3-yr. warranty for qualified vehicles

ValuGard Paint Sealant Protection


High-tech polymers protect against fading, oxidation & loss of gloss; Includes 1 FREE rejuvenation and 3-yr. warranty for qualified vehicles

Detail Trunk


Remove spare tire; Clean & dress all accessories & jambs; Shampoo carpet & dress all vinyl

Detail Engine


Complete cleaning & degreasing of engine to protect plastic surfaces, belts & hoses; Requires signed approval

Recondition Paint

Prices Vary*

Corrects oxidation, dullness & light scratches and other types of environmental damage; Buff with compound
*Price depends on condition & scope of work, see a manager for details

Contamination Removal


Remove tree sap, paint overspray, heavy brake dust & lime

Clean Heavily Soiled Vehicles


Extraction charge

Hand Wash Cars


+$10 for full/oversized vehicles such as SUVs, vans, trucks, etc.

Hand Wash Specialty Vehicles


Buses, limos, etc.

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Putting off your oil change?

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Looking for training as a technician?

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I got a car wash done and a detail. Apart from that, I saw that my tire pressure light was still on and thought I could try to fill my tire (even though I have never done that). … I was approached by the manager, Drew, who assured me that he could help. Instead of letting him just do it for me, I asked if he could show me how to actually do it so that I know. He was so kind and patient. He made my day just a little bit brighter by this experience. Thank you so much for your help today, Drew. I will be back!

Gabby M.

Delta Sonic Customer at 350 Langner Rd, West Seneca NY

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